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Line Calendar by smurfier Line Calendar :iconsmurfier:smurfier 163 73
Rainmeter Workshop: Autoscaling and You
I've been beating my head against a wall working on a new suite.  The hardest, and most tedious thing has been making the skins resizable.  It involves a lot of simple math, and trial and error.  Over the course of the next few Workshops I'm going to share some of the things that I've learned about resizing skins, as well as other cool things to do with position formulas and dynamic variables.  They'll start off pretty basic and work towards more complicated topics.
Simple Taskbar

I keep seeing taskbar skins that fit only one specific desktop resolution.  It's possible to make a skin fit any resolution, and usually it's  fairly simple.  A decent grasp on simple algebra, geometry and arithmetic helps greatly though.  The taskbar below fits any resolution.  I'm assuming that you're somewhat familiar with Rainmet
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Shimeji English Enhanced
this is a submition by :iconrelic-nt: which I find is to be considered and useful.
Especially for people who get tired of explaining to newcomers and customers what the manual of the shimeji says.:
Remember Shimeji, that desktop mascot progam? Yeah, I know it's so two months ago. Anyway, I started a branch of the code called Shimeji-ee (Shimeji English Enhanced.) It's Shimeji, but completely in English/Engrish (including the configuration files) with some new enhancements.
I'm mainly here asking people to contribute to the project: programmers, wiki writers, and people to make new Shimeji types.
So far, I have the English translation mostly done (although it could use editing) and I've added support for: multiple Shimeji types at once, better context menus, and the ability to force a Shimeji to perform behaviors. I've pretty much done everything I want with the program and I'm not really intending to do more programming. But I opened up the p
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Shimeji One. How to stop them from multiplying? always scan your files even if you THINK they are safe. Better safe than sorry. Now that's out of the way.

Make sure you duplicate the entire folder content before proceeding, just as a precaution so you don't mess up the original files. Just copy and paste the entire folder on your desktop or something.

Each Shimeji folder should have two .xml files 
動作.xml Action usually larger file, example 43KB 
行動.xml Behavior usually smaller file, example 10KB

You will be making changes in the 行動.xml (behavior) file only. Don't worry about the action file; we're not touching the action file at all.

Locate these two lines of code:
(1) <行動 名前="分裂する" 頻度="50" 条件="#{mascot.totalCount <50} 
(2) <行動 名前="引っこ抜く" 頻度="50" 条件="#{mascot.totalCount < 50}

Google translation: ( )
Behavior = "split" frequency = "50" condition = "# {mascot.totalCount & lt; 50}
Behavior = "unplug" frequency = "50" condition = "# {mascot.totalCount & lt;50}

and change them to "0" and "1" respectively. Change the first 50 to 0 and the second 50 to 1. There should be two different locations in the .xml file with this script. Change both to "0" and "1".

<行動 名前="分裂する" 頻度="0" 条件="#{mascot.totalCount <1} 
<行動 名前="引っこ抜く" 頻度="0" 条件="#{mascot.totalCount <1}
Behavior = "split" frequency = "0" condition = "# {mascot.totalCount & lt; 1}
Behavior = "unplug" frequency = "0" condition = "# {mascot.totalCount & lt;1}

To easily find the two lines within the .xml file simply look for {mascot.totalCount}. I just did an experimental test run and both lines of codes need to be changed. First code tells the Shimeji to simply split in two. The second code tells the Shimeji to multiply by pulling him/herself from the ground. 

I just found out about Shimeji's yesterday. I tried finding an answer on the internet and no one had an answer. I'm still testing out the changes, but the above seems to have solved the issue.
Shimeji Help
IMPORTANT: Make sure to scan the file with a virus scanner. Here's a free online scanner that I use all the time. I don't care how safe you THINK the file maybe, scan the file anyway. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Hopefully this will help anyone having issues getting their Shimeji to work. I spent about 1 hour trying to get these things to work. The newer Java versions apparently didn't work on my Windows 7 machine. I tried the Java 8 64 bit version first, then then Java 8 32 bit version second.

My .jar file initially had the Winrar icon extraction symbol. Don't double click it if has a winrar symbol icon, instead right click on the .jar file, and select open with Java. That worked only to put the Shimeji icon in my system tray (lower corner of your windows machine). I tried double clicking on that Shimeji icon and nothing work. Yes, it showed more and more of the Shimeji icon in the system tray, but I didn't have them crawling over my computer. That was with both Java 8 64 and 32 bit installed.

What worked was downloading the older version of Java, Java 6 32-bit version, and following extracting steps. Install Java. Takes a few minutes. Go back to your Shimeji folder and locate the .Jar file. Right click and select to open with Java. Now your Shimeji should be crawling on your screen.…
The java 6 32-bit file should look like this:     jre-6u26-windows-i586.exe

Or if you prefer, download it directly from Java's site.…

IMPORTANT: Make sure to scan the file with a virus scanner. Here's a free online scanner that I use all the time. I don't care how safe you THINK the file maybe, scan the file anyway. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. Kind of have to say this just because...


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